Panini’s Premier Revolution! - The Card Vault

Panini Revolution

Known for its epic patterned foil designs, Panini Revolution Premier League Soccer returns to the
domestic Hobby market for the first time since 2017! Collect all the stars from the 20 Premier League
teams participating in the 2022-23 season. The Base Set is 300 cards, including a 35-card Rookies
subset containing some of the first certified trading cards for the future stars of the Premier League.

Look for Parallels and Inserts:
Diamond – Disco – Fractal – Galactic – Groove – Impact – Infinite – Red Stars
Sunburst ~/50 – Cosmic ~/25 – Kaleido ~/15 – Lava ~/10 – Cubic ~/5

Despite not being numbered Galactic parallels are some of the rarest cards in the entire set!
The Set also includes signatures from an array of current stars and legends such as:
Sir Geoff Hurst – Fernando Torres – Harry Kane – Paul Scholes – Erling Haaland – Kevin De Bruyne &
many, many more!

Revolution isn’t typically a product that guarantees and autograph (or more) per box. And while
that’s the case here, they are in the product and they’re not scarce.

Signatures average every other
box. The approach with them is simple. Standard Autographs include Sunburst (/50 or less), Lava
(/10 or less) and Ice (1/1) parallels.

Legendary Autographs make up the balance of Revolution’s ink.

Not to forget the rarest subset to complete, Star Factor, these die-cuts throw some serious shapes and appear 1 in every 16-box master case!

There’s not a shinier set on the market and has fantastic pull rates for the price point, certainly worth getting stuck into!