Prizm Premier League 22/23

Back once again like a renegade master, Prizm Premier League returns for it’s 4th year on that ever striking chromium card stock featuring signatures, 1/1s and some rare parallels and inserts, also find exclusive parallels based on product type (Hobby-Breakaway-Choice) with the piece de resistance being the Nebula 1/1 from the Choice box, other notable pulls are the super-short-print Colour Blast and the debut insert ‘Groovy’ with its psychedelic 60’s design creating a strange juxtaposition between modern style and athletic clothes on a flower power background, Fractal and Kaleidoscopic also make their debut in 22/23.

Hobby Boxes include - 1 Autograph, 4 Silver Prizms, 5 numbered cards, 8 additional parallels and 6

Choice Boxes include – 1 Autograph, 3 Silver Prizms, 3 Choice Prizms and 1 other base or insert!

Breakaway Boxes include – 8 Exclusive parallels, 3 silver Prizms, 6 inserts and a 50% chance of an autograph!