Digimon Card Game - Secret Crisis (BT17) - Booster Pack

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-Partner Digimon of the main characters from the movies, such as Omnimon and ShineGreymon: Burst Mode gain the power of ACE and take over the meta as a new deck!
-Introduces a special win condition card! You can win the game by filling up the field with Diaboromon.
-Numerous Digimon & Tamers that appear in the series “Digimon Seekers” are included! Players using “Digimon Seekers” deck will definitely want these cards.
-In addition to the regular box topper and update pack, BT17 offers an English exclusive box topper featuring scenes from the movie!

Common: 40
Uncommon: 26
Rare: 22
Super Rare: 12
Secret Rare: 2
Special Card:4

106 card types
*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

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