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In the lair of his greatest archenemy, the warrior leader of the survivors of his race goes strong and fierce against the power of his evil priest opponent, wielding in his right hand the mighty Sword of Omens, a unique weapon, capable of calling all his Thunderian allies when he’s in danger, of giving him de so-called “Sight Beyond Sight”, to see if there’s danger beyond his vision, and of shooting powerful blasts of energy. The power comes from a stone embedded in the hilt of the sword, the greatest symbol of his people, the mystic Eye of Thundera. Raising his left arm, he protects himself with the Claw Shield, a gauntlet used for defense and attack, functioning both as a shield and a weapon, with many features such as firing grappling hooks, smoke gas, etc. Following their Code of Justice, Truth, Honor, and Loyalty, Iron Studios present the statue "Lion-O Battle Ver. - Thundercats - BDS Art Scale 1/10", the monarch of the lineage of Thundera lions in a new version in a combat pose, over a base of the dark rock stairs that remind the interior of the sinister Black Pyramid of the sorcerer Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living.

Son of Claud-Us, the ruler of planet Thundera, Lion-O was still a boy when he entered the escape flagship before the destruction of his doomed planet. Followed by his mentor, the wise Jaga, and a group of nobles that swore to serve the young lord known as the ThunderCats, a group formed by Panthro, the specialist in mechanics, advanced technology, and master of the martial arts; Tygra, a scientist, and architect, the second in command of the group; the warrior Cheetara; the children Willy Kat and Willy Kit; and Snarf, a sort of babysitter of the young prince charged of taking care of Lion-O. In the escape, his fleet was attacked by enemies of the Thunderians, the Mutants of Plun-Darr, causing damages to the flagship. The old guardian of Lion-O, Jaga, offers himself to pilot the ship and take them in safety to the destination planet called Third Earth. Jaga dies because the trip takes many decades, but already at their destination, when the ThunderCats awake from the Suspension Capsules, Lion-O discovers that his capsule malfunctioned, and didn’t prevent his aging, awaking in the new world not as the child he was, but in the body of an adult. With the help of friendly natives, the ThunderCats build their new home and headquarters, the Cat’s Lair, but soon, Lion-O discovers that this new planet will be a place of many challenges and threats, facing both his old Mutant enemies that are searching for the Eye of Thundera, and the mummified demon priest called Mumm-Ra. For that reason, he must mature fast, guided by Jaga’s spirit, with the help of the ThunderCats’ teachings.

Developed by Rankin/Bass, based on the characters created by Tobin “Ted” Wolf, ThunderCats was an animated series of major success in the 1980s, with 130 episodes divided into three seasons. The series tells the story of the adventures of a group of humanoid felines survivors of planet Thundera, in a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Already available for Pre-Order, revealed firsthand on the Inside Iron Studios Day of May, check out the other future releases by Iron Studios soon using your Sight Beyond Sight on their social media.

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