Final Fantasy TCG - Hidden Hope - Booster Box (36 Packs)


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7 years have passed since the FFTCG “Opus series” made its way to the West, enabling players to experience one of the best card games and build a community like no other.

In 2024, FFTCG will be back stronger than ever with Hidden Hope, our brand newexpansion introducing a groundbreaking new system: -Limit Break-.
Limit Break will reshape the FFTCG strategic landscape as players know it with the incorporation of playable cards outside of their main deck, offering a new array of collectable cards and setting the stage for continuous innovation in future sets.

Hidden Hope will also mark a historic moment in FFTCG as the coveted Special Card, a rare foil-stamped full art takes it to the next level with a specially commissioned illustration of Sephiroth [22-032L]! Furthermore, we're excited to include Legacy Cards in this booster expansion once again. These are Full Art Foil renditions of legendary cards, cherished for both their artwork and gameplay impact. The three Legacy Cards featured in this set are: Fat Chocobo [4-064L], Chaos [16-129L], and Sephiroth [18-116L]. Notably, these Special and Legacy Cards aren't just collectibles; they are eligible for use in official tournaments, akin to regular cards!

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