Our next Live Box Break is on the 29th January @ 6:30PM GMT.


What exactly is a live box break?

Our Live Box Breaks are a monthly event that are livestreamed over on our YouTube channel. You are able to purchase booster packs from the booster boxes available for that months box break and we will open these packs for you… live!

How can I join in on the box break?

For each monthly box break, we aim to have a different selection of boxes/packs to choose from. This may vary from one box per month to multiple, subject to demand. If you head over to this page here, you’ll be able to see what packs are available for this month’s box break. Simply add the booster packs to your basket and checkout. We will be in contact to confirm the order and request addition information (more on this mentioned below)

Please note:  Live Box Breaks will have a limit on how many booster packs you can purchase from a box. This is typically 5 but subject to change depending on the set.

What do I need to do after my purchase?

Once you have purchased the booster packs you will receive a standard confirmation email for your order.

Once we have confirmed the above details, sit back, relax and wait until we stream the Live Box Break. You can find the link to our YouTube channel here.

Your first name along with the first letter of your surname will be read out on stream when we open your pack/s i.e. Joe C.

How are my cards packaged?

For each pack, the rare card will be sleeved and put into a semi-rigid card saver. If there is a secret rare in the reverse holo slot, this will also be sleeved and added to semi-rigid sleeve. The rest of the cards will be sleeved, and all items will be added to a re-sealable bag for maximum protection. This bag will be placed into a padded envelope and shipped the day after the box break.