Welcome to The Card Vault! My name is Joe, and I’m the co-owner of The Card Vault alongside my very good friend, Ash (not Ketchum). Ash and I have had Pokémon involved in our lives, in some shape or form for as long as we can remember. We have played every single Pokémon game there is (multiple times…) and collected the Trading Cards since we were knee height. In January 2021, we finally decided to pull the trigger and create our very own online store, The Card Vault! Our goal is to become the ‘go to’ store within the UK for collectors looking for anything and everything Pokémon related.

We aim to obtain as many different single cards from as many different sets as possible to help collectors complete their own personal sets and collections. We aim to sell a diverse range of sealed product for anyone looking to crack open some packs and hunt those chase cards. And most recently, we are starting to sell PSA graded cards!

At The Card Vault, we value our customer experience more than anything. We will always go above and beyond to try and provide the best experience possible! We want to help make your Pokémon journey as pleasant and as fun as it can be!


If you have any questions about us or want to get in touch, please fill in the Contact Us from here or contact us on Discord.

We appreciate your time spent reading this and we hope to see you around 😊