Welcome to the second instalment of 'Inside The Vault'

This time we’re looking at something new in stock here at The Card Vault.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tactical Masters!

This set yields a potential of 15 collector rares, including Scape Goat, Cosmic Cyclone & Trap Trick.

Boasting 3 new archetypes, including “Runic & Labyrinth”, and a lot more support for Pendulum Monsters.

What is an Archetype? – Well, basically, an Archetype is just a series of Monsters that go together.

An exciting feature which will prove beneficial for some players and highly annoying for others will be the ability to turn your monsters as well as your opponent’s monsters into spells! So as ever, new archetypes and supports will be creating more forks in the road when it comes to strategy, so make sure you’re armed with negation effects or some counter traps; otherwise, your strategy can be picked apart quite quickly.

This set is plentiful of super rares, so you're never short of shiny cards. The set also yields 3 ultras. However, the price point on those ultras is exceptionally high compared to what you would usually see from this rarity, so when you pull an Ultra, it will feel a little more special.

Another worthy note is that all common cards are actually rares, so the whole set feels a little bit more “fancy”, if I do say so myself.

The collector rares do appear to be chosen based on cards that have previously appeared in sets as Ultimate Rares, so yes! Very exciting!

As ever, we always consult the videos created by the man himself, Ruxin34, before embarking on a blog, and one notable pull that we loved was the Lovely Labyrinth of the Silver Castle Collector Rare, which is one of the feature designs for this set and exactly the card we wanted to see!

Tactical Masters gets a big thumbs up from us!

What set from 2022 was your favourite? Or do you think the best is yet to come? Let us know in the comments. We can’t wait to get our hands on some Magnificent Mavens packs later this year!


Tactical Masters is in stock now at The Card Vault for £52.95 – Order Here