Here at The Card Vault, we’re hyped for the release of the new DragonBall Zenkai series set B19 – Fighter's Ambition, featuring some fantastic artworks of all of your favourite characters from the DBS movies, there’s some new meta defining TCG aspects to the set as well to sink your teeth into! Let’s take a closer look...

The set includes 10 Special Rares with the picks being Broly bringing green back to the fore with ‘SS Broly, Full Power Frenzy’. A triple combo to make your opponent shake in their boots with ‘SS Son Goku, SS Vegeta, SS Trunks, Triple Combination’ & a sick card from the newest movie ‘Son Gohan and Piccolo, Heroic Team’.

The set features 3 highly playable and collectible Secret Rares including Cumber, ‘The Evil Saiyan, Malice made flesh’, ‘Cell Max, Deliverer of despair’, A totally destructive card to play against your opponents and the third secret rare is a culmination of the new set exclusive rarity SGR – the Special Gohan Rare which depicts Gohan from a kid all the way up to being a total beast with the ‘Son Gohan, Beyond the Ultimate’ Secret rare and oh my, IT IS A STUNNER!

We hope you’re as excited as we are, let us know your pulls on our socials and look out for ours on Discord, Tiktok and Instagram.