And so here we are, but mere days away from the last ever set of the Sword and Shield era, Crown Zenith, aptly named as we stand atop the summit and look back with fondness and place the coronet on the head of one of the best eras of the modern TCG.

The Pokémon company certainly intended to go out with a bang by introducing the ‘Galarian Gallery’ a beautiful 70-card subset featuring a whole host of Pokémon in unique artworks that transcend the card game to stand alone as pieces of art to brighten any collectors display, there is also a 9-card illustration that paints a larger picture with Pikachu at the centre of the action surrounded by his friends for the ultimate exhibition piece. Radiant Pokémon also return with Charizard, Eternatus and the humble Charjabug to chase as well as 17 Pokémon V, 5 Vmax and 8 Vstar’s including generation VIII’s namesake legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta.

“How can I get my hands on this product?” I hear you exclaim, well, here at The Card Vault you can pick up an ETB releasing on January 20th along with the Regieleki and Regidrago Collection boxes, all the other products are released over the following months leading up to the start of the next era, Scarlet and Violet.

Check out our store page to pick out your perfect piece of Pokémon product and promptly pop over to our twitter to get involved with our Crown Zenith ETB giveaway where the winner will be announced on release day, 20/1/23.

Good luck and may Arceus fill your packs with nothing but bangers.