It feels like it was only yesterday since we last had a core Yu-Gi-Oh! Set release! Maybe because last week we were treated to the anniversary set releases Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, Pharaoh’s Servant, and Invasion of Chaos. July, so far, has been the month of Yu-Gi-Oh! but, as any Yu-Gi-Oh! player can tell you, we’re not out of the woods quite yet! Duelist Nexus is upon us!

So what is Duelist Nexus? It is the next core Yu-Gi-Oh! set after the last core set Cyberstorm Access! Initially released in Japan back on April 22nd of this year and will finally be out in English come July 27th (so close)! This set contains 100 cards in the following levels of rarity:

  • 49 Commons
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare

It’s also worth noting that the Ultra Rare and Secret Rare cards are also available to be pulled as Quarter Century Secret Rares! Cards to look out for? So what cards can be pulled as Quarter Century Secret Rares? Well, these of course:

  • Revolution Synchron
  • Nightmare Magician
  • Sleipnir the Runick Mane
  • Crimson Dragon
  • Visas Amritara
  • Evolzar Lars
  • Dark Corridor
  • Sinful Spoils of Subversion - Snake-Eye
  • Tokusano Shinkyojin
  • Crystal God Tistina
  • Hiita the Fire Channeler
  • Arahime the Manifested Mikanko
  • Chimera the King of Phantom Beasts
  • Cosmic Quasar Dragon
  • Angelica, Princess of Noble Arms
  • Epurrely Noir
  • Altergeist Adminia
  • Emperor Charles the Great
  • Unchained Soul Lord of Yama
  • "Infernoble Arms - Almace"
  • Noble Arms Museum
  • Fusion Armament
  • Demigod of the Tistina
  • Divine Domain Baatistina
  • Magicians of Bonds and Unity (the only Quarter Century Secret Rare not found in any other rarity)

How can you get in on this set? Easily! We offer Duelist Nexus in three flavours: Booster Pack, Booster Box, and Display Case! Booster packs are a good way to test the waters and make good order toppers if you want to fill orders out at 9 cards per pack. Booster boxes are the most standard way for folk to try and collect the set as each box contains 24 packs. Finally, for the truly hardcore collectors and players, display cases are your best bet for assuring you get all the cards you are after in a given set clocking in at 12 booster boxes per case.

Grab your duel disks once more and get ready for even more Yu-Gi-Oh!

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