Hello, one and all! A new month has arrived and we’re almost in full swing of summer! As we all know, another month means another TCG release. Or should I say releases! But today we’re going to focus on one specific TCG and it’s a personal favourite of mine: Digimon The Card Game! Gather ‘round the round table as the Royal Knights are almost here! Originally released in Japan back on February 24th 2023, BT-13 Versus Royal Knights is making it’s English debut on July 21st! But what can we expect from this set? Let’s find out!


But first, who are the Royal Knights? In Digimon lore, they are a group of extremely high mega-level Digimon with knight-like appearances and have made several appearances across Digimons many iterations. However, this set is seemingly based on a lesser-known Digimon series: Digimon Data Squad also known as Digimon Savers in Japan. In this series, the Royal Knights serve under King Drasil and are tasked with wiping out humanity as humans prove to be too dangerous. In this set, fan favourites make appearances such as Jesmon, Shine Greymon, Ulforce Veedramon, Mirage Gaogamon, King Chessmon, Kentaurosmon, Leopardmon, Rosemon, Alphamon, King Etemon, Ravemon, Lord Knightmon, and so so many more. For the full card list, please be sure to check out the official Digimon Card Game website!

So the question is: Where do I start? Well, unlike other Trading Card Games like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering, Digimon is quite straightforward. We offer Digimon in three different flavours: Booster Pack, Booster Box, and Display Case.

Booster packs are a good place to start as you can kick it off small with a few packs to test the waters. Maybe combine it with something else like a binder?

Booster boxes are the default for what people go for. Going for 1 or 2 boxes as you’re bound to get a few tasty pulls and should be able to get most of what the set has to offer.

Display cases are for if you’re crazy about Digimon. You get 12 full booster boxes and are guaranteed excellent pulls across all of your boxes!

Ethier way, The Digivolution is up and running! DigiSee? DigiHear? DigiKnow? what's coming? Our DigiDestiny starts today! Let me hear you say… Digimon Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions!