Packaging Instructions

1. For the protection of your cards, place each card into a protective sleeve.

2. Then, place each sleeved card in a semi-rigid card holder. The semi-rigid card holder you choose must be sturdy enough to allow us to remove the card safely.

3. Pack your cards in a sturdy cardboard box and protect the cards with packing material such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam pellets or other shipping/packing material. Please place the cards in the order in which they appear on the submission.

4. Ensure the bound cards are not packed too tightly. This may cause damage if mishandled. If you are using an Offline Submission Form, place this in the box along with the cards. Use packing tape to completely seal the outside of the box.


5. Please send your packaged cards, using Royal Mail to the below address:

The Card Vault
PO Box 79184
SE10 1GG


Important: We are only able to accept packages sent by Royal Mail. If any other courier is used, the package will be returned to sender.


Disclaimer: Instructions on how to package collectibles are only suggestions. Customer alone is responsible for safely and securely packaging the collectibles, and should, in Customer’s sole discretion, determine how to package the collectibles to prevent damage during the handling process.

Please Note: If a card is submitted in a toploader as opposed to semi-rigid card holder, the customer will be charged a fee of 10p (pence) per card, for the cost of the semi-rigid card holder to The Card Vault.