Iron Studios - The Witcher - Geralt of Rivia - BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10

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With a severed head of a Basilisk at his feet, a terrifying and lethal draconian creature, the warrior with a black armor wields his sword drenched in the blood of the beast. A mutant created and magically enhanced to hunt and kill monsters, he was delivered when he was born to the School of the Wolf to become a witcher. Exhibiting an uncommon tolerance to the mutagen that give the witchers their abilities, such as high endurance to wounds, poisons, and diseases, ageing retardation, and complete loss of all the body’s pigmentation, making his skin pale and his hair white, but also with more speed, strength, and endurance than his witcher companions. Iron Studios present their statue "Geralt of Rivia BDS - The Witcher - Art Scale 1/10", inspired by the hero protagonist of the greatly successful Netflix show!

Even though Geralt is known in the literature, in a cinematographic adaptation and Polish TV show, and in a video game series, he became known worldwide when he was portrayed by Henry Cavill in The Witcher, one of the greatest successes from the Netflix streaming service! The show initially presents the stories of Geralt, the sorcerer Yennefer of Vangerberg, and the princess Ciri of Cintra in different points of time. Although Geralt considered Yennefer to be the love of his life, despite their tumultuous relationship, he and Ciri are connected by destiny since before she was born, when he, without knowing, demanded her as a reward for his services, invoking the “Law of Surprise”. When they met, Geralt became Ciri’s protector and must help her fight against her many pursuers to stop her magic from being used for evil purposes, and to keep Ciri and their world safe.

Protagonist of the novel "Wied?min" (The Witcher), from the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, that acts as creative consultant of the show, the statue of Geralt of Rivia by Iron Studios, already available for Pre-Order, brings an extra interchangeable head, and you can choose to display it with his characteristic red eyes, or with his black eyes under the effect of a potion that activate his abilities and powers as a witcher.

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